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BOD2 modular construction printer


The BOD2 is an upgraded and improved version of the BOD printer, which
3D Printhuset used to 3D print the first building in Europe, The BOD.

Based on the experience obtained with the BOD printer, the BOD2 incorporates improved
functionality and stability compared to the first version, but is build on the same principles
as the BOD printer. This assures the customer of a tested and proven system.



BOD2 – Second generation construction printer


2. generation
BOD2 is the only second generation construction printer on the market.

Modular construction printer
BOD2 is developed to fit any project. Decide the size of BOD2 by its modules.

Print speed
BOD2 is 3x faster than the first generation, with an 18 meter/minute print speed.

Gantry system
The gantry system is optimal for in situ projects as well as fabrication of elements.

Interchangeable nozzle system
New optimized nozzles are developed to ensure smooth surfaces. Standart layer height is 2 cm, and 5 cm in width.

Besides the modular system, the BOD2 is flexible in terms of mounting. It can be mounted to the foundation or by concrete pillars.



BOD2 – Models and pricing

The BOD2 is a modular build printer allowing the customer to choose the size configuration matching the customers’ requirement. Here are some price examples of four different configurations:



Print area: 1,0 x 4,7 x 1,5 meter*

1 X-axis module
2 Y-axis modules
1 Z-axis modules

EUR 197.000 excl. works and concrete base system




Print area: 6,9 x 12,2 x 6,6 meter

3 X-axis modules
5 Y-axis modules
3 Z-axis modules

EUR 300.000 excl. works


*Concrete base pillars gives an
additional 1 meter of height.


Print area: 4,4 x 7,2 x 4,0 meter

2 X-axis modules
3 Y-axis modules
2 Z-axis modules

EUR 240.000 excl. works




Print area: 6,9 x 19,8 x 9,1 meter

4 X-axis modules
8 Y-axis modules**
3 Z-axis modules

EUR 416.000 excl. works


**Larger printers are supported by
extra pillars of Z-axis modules.



BOD2 specifications   |   Gantry vs. Robotic   |   Financing option



The modular system

Each BOD2 printer consists of a gantry system with a minimum of:

  • 1 X-module (width)
  • 2 Y-modules (length)
  • 4 Z-modules (height)

Each module is 2,5 meters in length and can extend any of the three axes.

No matter the size, each BOD2 printer will contain:

  • 1 printhead
  • 1 X-axis carriage base
  • 2 Y-axis carriage bases
  • 4 or more Z-axis carriage bases


Tangential control of printhead € 24.000
Pump/mixer, weight control, 20 meter hose for concrete € 32.000
Silo, 4 m3 € 18.000
Assembly of the BOD2 at customers location* € 3.000
Training per week* € 6.000

*Excl. traveling and accommodation


Calculate the cost of your project

We have made a calculator to help calculate the time, material usage and total cost of 3D printing walls for your project.

Calculate cost of printing

3D construction printing course

We organize full day courses, which provide theoretical background information, hands-on learning and a visit to Europe’s first 3D printed building, The BOD.


Morning session

The morning session will take place in our office, downtown Copenhagen, where we cover “state of the art” of 3D construction printing, including the different technologies used in current projects. We will also cover permitting, structural-, material- and design considerations.

Afternoon session

The practical part of the course will take place after lunch in our warehouse close by. Here we will take you through how the printer works, the software, materials handling, recipes and much more.

Time: The course starts at 9.30 and ends at 17.00.

Place: The course takes place in our offices and warehouse in Copenhagen.

Price: 675 euro excl. vat for one participant (1195 euro for 2 participants, 1995 euro for 4, 2995 euro for 8).

Sign up: For more information and sign up, please contact us via the following contact form.

· October 23




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